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Jump Shoes

What Are Jump Shoes? Design and innovation are continually being used to combine fashion with fitness training. While style is a priority to the discerning consumer, function has become an important fashion element, when it comes to products that are worn in order to promote improved performance or condition. This is especially true with the innovative jump shoes.

Jump trainer shoes address the normal use of the foot in walking, and provide a design that targets the muscles needed for jumping. Normal use of the foot causes most of the body’s weight to be supported by the heel of the foot. However, the front portion of the foot is where jumping action is concentrated. The design of jump shoes eliminates the use of the heel in supporting body weight, and leads to strengthening of the muscles involved in jumping.

The design of the jump trainer appears unusual, definitely not intended as a fashionable sneaker. The ball of the foot in the jump shoe rests upon an elevated, resilient area, with a broad base. The lightweight trainer allows for the heel to be eliminated from footwork, and targets the calves and lower legs, providing strengthening in these areas. As muscles are lengthened and strengthened, vertical jump is increased, as is speed. While it may appear that these strength shoes are intended only for jump improvement, the reality is that they provide outstanding work on lower leg strength, and speed.

Jump Shoe

Jump Shoe

A variety of exercises have been developed to use in conjunction with plyometric jump trainers, and different manufacturers include instructional DVD video materials along with the shoes. Knee lifts, butt kicks, and other in-place exercises target leg muscle development. Fast footwork activities provide concentration on speed and agility.

The most recent innovation in design incorporates the entire system into the jump shoe, making it comfortable, and easy to use. Early inceptions of the jump shoe concept were marketed as a strap on device, worn in addition to the athletic shoe. Reviews of these early systems indicate that they were clunky and awkward, difficult to wear. Recent jump trainer shoes, though, are much easier to work with, as the self contained system is part of the shoe.

Jump Trainer

Jump Trainers

Jump trainers are used by both professional athletes, and by amateurs. Reviews of different jump shoe brands provide positive backing to the system of strengthening, with resulting improvements in both jump distance, and speed. There are several models, and developers, which means that instructional materials, and designs, will differ from one shoe to the next. However, the principle at work is overwhelmingly positive, producing better performance and condition for the athlete.

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